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Skydancer Apothecary CSH - Community Supported Herbal
project focuses on growing, crafting, teaching and providing herbal medicine to our members.

We offer 6 bi-monthly shares of lovingly handcrafted herbal medicine or body products and 6 bi monthly newsletters with recipes, important plant information and knowhow.

The gardens at Fire Om Earth, home to Skydancer Apothecary, are planted with medicinal plants that are used for sustainable harvesting and growing as well a teaching outdoor class room for students that attend hands on classes.

What we don’t grow, we ethically wildcraft from the meadows, woods, hills and valleys of our region. Herbs that we can’t cultivate or wildcraft ourselves, we source from trusted organic and ethical growers and wildcrafters.

Skydancer Apothecary aims to bring vibrant, effective plant medicines to fellow humans. With our educational offerings, we hope to help foster direct relationships between people and our “Green Allies” that the land provides for our healing.

What's Included in the CSH Offerings:
  • 2-3 New Items Every Month for 6 Months

  • 6 Informational Newsletters, Herbal E-Classes & Recipes on the non-product months 

Annual Membership is 12 months paid in full:

Out of State: $270 (includes shipping)

Local: $210

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Monthly Membership paid over 12 months:

Out of State: $26.50 per month (includes shipping)

Local: $21.50 per month

memberships may be canceled anytime, end of year or end of monthly billing cycle

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