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Lorna Trigg-Hirsh Skydancer Apothecary Fire Om Earth


Lorna Trigg-Skydancer

I was born in South Africa and immigrated to the USA in 1988.  My study and use of Herbal and Medicinal plants has been a life long journey, beginning with my grandmother and the local indigenous people of my home country. I learnt to recognize and use medicinal plants in the field from the children on the African farms, who knew what to use when and as needed while spending days out on the Veld with the cattle. My grandmother taught me the way to cook with healing herbs, and how to create salves, syrups and teas for herbal health.

On immigrating to the USA, I immersed myself in the native and medicinal plants of the area, learning to plant, and harvest for culinary and medicinal use.

I now live in Carroll County, a short distance from downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where I have been involved for the last 18 years in restoring a fifteen acre property back to native and medicinal plants.  I have been gifted with numerous teachers, Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, Rosele de la Floret, Mathew Wood, D,coda, Steven Foster, and the observation of the land.


This endeavor is for the purpose of helping others in recognizing plants habitats and cycles.  When to harvest and how to use, what I term “Backyard Medicinals” , the plants that grow in our respective areas are the ones we want to know and use.


Backyard Medicinals are just that, using plants that grow around us, creating wonderfully healing salves, nourishing lotions and creams to soothe, support and heal. Topical herbal salves, lotions and creams.


Medicinals are harvested and grown at Fire Om Earth, the home of Skydancer Apothecary. Creating self care products for all your basic needs. Classes, workshops and plants for sale.

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