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Work 4 Women Initiative

Skydancer Apothecary has developed the Work For Women Initiative…

Creating piece work for Women at Home as well as collaborating with Women Owned Businesses. Some of the items for sale have been created through the Work for Women Initiative. We are constantly growing this program.


Meet Holly Mashek
Holly is a young stay at home mom. She is industrious in keeping busy when not fully engaged with her two young boys by making jewelry and works in leather, such as baby and adult moccasins. 

At the advent of COVID, I saw that masks were being hung on ears when not worn, or left on tables and dropped on the ground.  I was aware that Holly did Macrame, and I offered her a part in the Work for Women Initiative. I designed and Holly executed a lanyard with small hooks to attach to a mask, when not being worn it could be left hanging around the wearers neck. As in most Work for Women Initiatives materials are supplied, the maker works on pieces and when delivered are paid for their work.  These lanyards are sold along with masks at Farmers Market, by Skydancer Apothecary, they were also sold through one of our outlets for Herbals in Little Rock at The Green Corner Store. 




Meet Vicki Ashford Hardcastle
Vicki is the owner and operator of Hardcastle Folk Art, a lovely Folk style store that sells wools, felting, rug hooking supplies, as well as a collection of funky, fun folk art. At the advent of COVID, Vicki put herself to work making masks along with a group of women guided by a local Eurekan clothing designer and maker.  She was able to keep some semblance of income going with this endeavor.  Skaydancer Apothecary was able to purchase 15 to 30 masks per week from Vicky to take to farmers market, it has been almost a year that Vicki has been able to supply a weekly dozen masks. Keeping her business afloat.



Meet April Groefsema (Product: Love Green's Golden Milk Latte)

Being a part of the work for women initiative gives me the opportunity to network and support other creative women in our community. Joining this initiative has connected me back to remembering we are better when we work together. When women put their minds together and create as one breathing & living unit, magical things unfold.


My experience with Work for Women Initiative has been a restored faith in myself and my ability to create something of value. In a world where we can feel so disconnected from one another and ourselves, it’s been a pleasure feeling supported inside a community of like minded women all seeking to better each other and our Mother Earth. 

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