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First Aid - Travel Medicine Bag

First Aid - Travel Medicine Bag



5, .5 oz jars of much needed travel first aid. Valued at $9 ea, plus the Egyptian Cotton Bag.

Products included:

  • Burn Salve
  • Plantain & Chickweed Salve
  • Juniper Berry Muscle Rub
  • Comfrey Salve
  • Black Drawing Salve

 (Retail Value $45)

  • Details

    • Burn Salve – A healing combination of cooling and restorative herbs. Comfrey stimulates growth of cells. Calendula is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal. Plantain stimulates growth of new skin cells. Saint John's Wort is an analgesic helping with pain as well as healing.
    • Plantain & Chickweed Salve  – All round helpful salve for your medicine cabinet, treat a itch, bite and sting. Cooling soothing action.
    • Juniper Berry Muscle Rub – Hand harvested Juniper Berries. Olive oil infused with berries, Douglas Fir, Rosemary Essential oils: Ginger and Chamomile. This muscle rub has both a heating and cooling action. Just like using heat and ice along with significant pain relief action. 
    • Comfrey Salve – Symphytum officinale is a plant in the knit bone family. It is a superb healer of broken bones, sprains, tendon tears, bruises, swellings, sever cuts. The salve we make is the leaf infused in Olive oil, set up with beeswax. Comfrey is know to have an analgesic property which helps reduce pain as it heals.
    • Black Drawing salve – Charcoal and Bentonite infused olive oil. The salve works on slivers, recluse bites, and infected areas that need a drawing action. We recommend this one for tick bites that tend to get infected or irritated.
    • This travel bag is excellent for camping, river trips, lake days, or travel of any kind. Be prepared to treat, bites, stings, itches, wounds, sore muscles, and more with just a small application while you are on the move! The very light-weight cotton bag and tins make it highly portable and won’t weigh down your pack.
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